Explore the 6 most popular diamond shapes. Each is uniquely brilliant, evoking emotion and reflecting the personality of its owner.

Classic circle shape with maximum sparkle. With 57 to 58 facets cut to produce incredible sparkle, round shaped diamonds are truly timeless. The round shape is the first of the modern diamond cuts, and first gained popularity in the 1920s.
Square shape with sharp angles and ample brilliance. Developed in the 1980s, the princess diamond is prized for its modern, clean lines and stunning sparkle.
Square or rectangular shape with curved corners and soft, vintage facet patterns. An antique style that’s increasing in popularity, cushion shaped diamonds are reminiscent of round and oval shapes. Cut for less brilliance than the classic round, a cushion diamond has a soft, romantic appeal.
Rectangular shape evoking Art Deco designs. With its large table and distinctive elongated pavilion, the emerald shape is inspired by its namesake gemstone. With fewer facets than round and princess diamonds, the emerald shape emphasizes a diamond’s clarity above its sparkle.
Square or rectangular shape with intense brilliance. The radiant diamond is a stunning blend of other shapes. Its cropped corners liken it to the emerald and Asscher shapes, while its brilliant facets are inspired by round and princess diamonds. Modern with lots of sparkle, the radiant diamond shape is a sophisticated choice for those who wish to stand out.
Classic oval shape with powerful sparkle and lengthening effect. This shape brings together the sparkle of a round brilliant with the elongated design of a marquise. While the oval diamond was developed in the 1960s, it has a classic feel. The length maximizes surface area, making it a smart choice for those wanting a large diamond for their budget.